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Technical Wheels

Construction is based on nonwoven materials that provide consistency throughout

Can be profiled to condition shaped workpieces

Excellent finish without smearing
Use with hand or machine tools

sia offers an extensive range of products manufactured from quality base materials and incorporating the latest in resin technology for enhanced lifetime and low heat generation.

Unitised and Convolute wheels are similar types of product, but with important differences; Unitised wheels tend to be smaller in diameter, usually 150mm or less, making them ideal for use on portable power tools or for working on intricate shapes; Convolute wheels, being larger in diameter, usually 150mm or over, are ideal for stationary or robotic machines.

The main applications for these products is deburring, blending and finishing a variety of materials.

All products are available in a number of different densities, grit types and grades.

The most popular products are:

Unitised wheels Convolute wheels
XL 2S very fine  
XL 2S fine XLCW 6S fine
XL 2A medium XLCW 7S fine
XL 4S fine XLCW 8S fine
XL 6S fine XLCW 8S medium
XL 6A medium XLCW 9S fine
XL 6S fine XLCW 8S medium
XL 8A coarse  
BP 5A fine  
BP 7A medium X821  

Product density is expressed numerically; the higher the number the harder, less flexible, more aggressive, coarser finishing and more durable the wheel.

Within both products there are sub families as follows:

XL Unitised and Convolute
Use for light deburring, radiusing and finishing. Minimal or no stock removal with good flexibility and conformability. Offers the widest range of specifications.

BP Unitised and Convolute
Use for heavier deburring and more aggressive applications. Has less flexibility and conformability than XL but is considerably more durable and aggressive with a coarser surface finish.

Convolute wheels are only available for mounting onto stationary machines with suitable flanges. Unitised wheels are available in a similar form to Convolute but are also available in siafix form and the new Type 27 fibre glass backed form for use on angle grinders.




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