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siaslide pad system
The innovation for consistent sanding precision
The innovation «siaslide pad system» was presented for the first time in May 2005 during the exhibition Ligna+ in Hanover and was enthusiastically welcomed by our customers. 
  The new feature is the sanding shoe with the innovative siaslide pad, making life considerably easier for the user. Time-consuming fitting of the sanding shoe is a thing of the past with the siaslide pad system, because the permanently installed sanding shoe (aluminium beam) remains in the machine even when the siaslide pads are being changed.

The new siaslide pad system is an ideal complement to the top Swiss quality siapan high-tech belts.


Product range of the siaslide pad system



Top slide pad:
(type H)
  • Graphite anti-friction coating
  • Hard felt backing
  • Wooden base
Middle slide pad: 
(type M)
  • Graphite anti-friction coating
  • Medium density Foam backing
  • Wooden base
Bottom slide pad: 
(type S)
  • Graphite anti-friction coating
  • Soft foam backing
  • Wooden base

siaslide pad type S (soft)


siaslide pad type M (medium)

In addition to the peresent siaslide pad H (hard) and siaslide pad S (soft) sia Abrasives Industries AG completed the assortment with the new siaslide pad M (medium).  
The siaslide pad type M covers the midrange of hardness. The hardness of a new type of foam corresponds to the siafelt, which is still used on conventional sanding shoes.

siaslide pad type H (hard)

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